I love the quote in the graphic below because it prompted my mind and opened the doors to my heart many years ago when I was in desperate straits. By accepting this concept and thought from British Poet Lord Byron, I believed it and was able to find a positive way forward out of my very difficult circumstances of that period.

Coaching is all about looking forward and discovering a way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coaching doesn’t deal with the past that is psychoanalysis. Coaching isn’t advising, that is counseling or consultancy. A coach listens deeply for your own inner wisdom and enlightens your ability to decide for yourself.

Are you in a place that looks very bleak and you can’t see a way forward? Without doubt there is hope available and coaching is an aid to finding that hope.

adversity is the first path to truth

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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