Seeking Direction

As I read Psalm 5 this morning I realized, with help from a G. Campbell Morgan commentary, that this scripture directs specifically how we are to walk with The Lord. Obviously this was the method used by King David as he reveals in this Psalm.

From Psalm 5:3 (NASB) “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order…to You and eagerly watch.

David started early in the morning with The Lord, worshiping Him and also receiving how to order his day while having this time together with God! David then eagerly watched throughout the day to make sure he stuck to the plan received while he was with The Lord.

I’m afraid I have many times made my plans and then prayed about it and moved on. David worshipped God, then received plans, and the stuck to the plans received by keeping watch.

I am amazed how specific God instructs us from His Word. I shouldn’t be surprised when I see how specific God was with Moses in Exodus about the specifics of the tabernacle. Exact blueprints with size, color, and even the gifted worker to make it accurately.

We can ALWAYS trust God when He gives us plans to follow. The only question is, will I stay the course and follow my own God given plans?



Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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