Pioneer or Settler?

I heard a powerful sermon preached many years ago which spoke to being a pioneer or a settler. In this BLOG I want to use this metaphor of PIONEER versus SETTLER to challenge someone who may be reading this and thinking it is too late for me, my time has come and gone. To that thought I say “hogwash” don’t let negative thoughts highjack your potential at any age. The real question has to be HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!

I know a young man who had a very safe and cushy job but couldn’t let go of his dream to have his own company. Many people advised him against leaving a well paying position with tremendous benefits for a risky dream. But he listened to his own heart and went for his dream. In three short years his new company is successful, he and his family are doing well, and he keeps right on dreaming and his company keeps on growing leaps and bounds.

I know a man in his seventies who retired from a corporate career but rather than lay back in a hammock in the tropics, he embarked on a whole new career. This new career is flourishing and he has found the challenge of learning something brand new to be exhilarating, exciting, and even physically, emotionally, and relationally exciting. There is fresh new life after retirement.

Sometimes finding yourself out of work is a blessing in disguise, as they like to say. So whether forced to do something new, or just following a dream, or looking for a fresh new life; Pioneering, breaking a new path, leaving the mediocre herd behind can be an exciting time.

What about you, have you a dream or a need to try a new and challenging path? Well I am here to help, it is what I am all about, helping others discover a strategy for realizing a dream.

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Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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