What is holding you back if it is time to make a move?

COVID19 is interesting in so many ways, mostly negative, but we can learn positive lessons. My wife and I have just returned from France where we were caught in lockdown confinement for 7 weeks. We went for a family 3-month visit which turned into 4 months. We are now home in Arizona and doing the last few days of a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

Before we could travel back home I had to make a decision to not let circumstances dictate my possibilities. British Airways had cancelled our original returning flight and they couldn’t properly reschedule an acceptable and timely alternative. One of my choices was to wait until British Airways could find an eventual suitable replacement flight from Toulouse, France to Phoenix, Arizona, which didn’t look hopeful for anytime soon. Another choice was to walk away from the bought and paid for flight and purchase a new ticket with an airline that could provide a reasonable timeframe and routing that was comfortable.

I could have let the already spent money and British Airways dictate when we could return to our home, but I chose to make my own better decision.

What keeps you from making that so highly desired and longed for job change or from following that dream to start a new self-owned small business? Are you allowing fear around issues like money or uncertainty of success make the decision for you? The details of process are to be worked out with any problem but those details come into play after a decision is made. The details of process is what Emelia Earhart is speaking to with the word tenacity in the quote leading this posting.

As a professional coach I help you with arriving at your own appropriate decision but I don’t stop there. I also help you with all of the minutia around processing the all important detailed actions, this is where tenacity will be required.

My original question stands what is holding you back?

By the way, if you currently own a small business and find yourself struggling in these complicated times, I can help you navigate through this. I am currently helping other business owners in pioneering their way forward out of this complicated business environment.

Whatever, your specific situation, I offer free consultation to determine if my coaching might be helpful for you.

Larry C Anderson, ACC

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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