God Keeps Promises

Taken In South of France March 2020 (by Larry)


Gail & I arrived In France January 10, 2020 for a 3-month visit with family. Who would have imagined our British Air return ticket for March 31, 2020 would be invalidated. We were unable to return home to the United States until 5 weeks later on May 5th. We were put into a 7-week lockdown in Toulouse, France because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our situation was a reminder about how out of control we can feel when we are facing the unknown and without full control of our options, or at least it seemed. It is a similar feeling to when you want to change the course of your destiny but there seems to be no way forward.

What Can You Do?

Maybe you feel that you have very few options when attempting to start a new business venture or make a job or career change. Dear reader, we will come through the coronavirus pandemic, this isn’t the worst thing mankind has faced since Noah and the rainbow promise. You can make the change you want to make in your life but you must refuse having the “victim mentality”. What have you been dreaming of changing but have been fearful or timid to rock the boat? After the threatening changes we have been witnessing daily I’ve been wondering how many of us will muster up the faith to pray about and act upon making a radical change? There may not have been a more opportune time in my lifetime for a person to venture out into that change. I see a time absolutely ripe for retraining into a trades career such as becoming a plumber, electrician, welder, EMT, nursing, etc.

Are you able to envision yourself having fun everyday while working hard and making a living? Someone asked me once what I did for work in my life and I said I did nothing just had fun every day of my life. I have always tried to be operating in my “sweet-spot”. Would you like that? Then don’t wait another day, do something about it. You aren’t a victim of anything but fear. Your future doesn’t depend on another person unless you allow them to have that over you. Your future doesn’t depend on the government either, we still live in a free market-place capitalistic society. I see many speaking on TV that they need something from the government in order to succeed. How sad that they have bought into a manipulative political system that makes one feel they need a politician to help them. It is time to standup for yourself and walk through a door of marvelous opportunities to take care of yourself. Avoid watching too much TV, or looking at too much social media it will sedate you in a similar way as drugs do.

The fantastic rainbow photo, above, was taken in March 2020 while we were experiencing quarantine lockdown in France. I don’t know if I have ever seen such a vivid rainbow in my life. I am reminded of Genesis 9:

14 When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, 15 and I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures. Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life.

After several weeks of lockdown and not knowing when I could return home, finally I decided not to leave my fate in the hands of airlines, money, or any other person. Reacting negatively to me feeling like a victim of circumstances, I took the bull by the horns and found flights that worked and we came home safely, boldly and without incident. Don’t succumb to any lies or fear-mongering being done by and through the mass media. Be wise, be bold and move out by faith, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I want to encourage you, God is still ruler over everything and none of these events like coronavirus, rioting and looting take Him by surprise. He is still a sovereign God over all things, this too shall pass. Real opportunities await those with vision and courage.

Coach Larry Anderson

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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