Frequently, I remind myself of the Bible story of Joshua where God says to Joshua “Be strong and very courageous” . From this I take away resolve and strength to handle any large project ahead of me.

There have been moments in my life when I have had to choose to leap out into the frightening unknown if I was to realize my full potential. It was all about whether I would continue to live a life of growth and adventure which required “guts” to continue! How about you? What holds you back from pursuit of the most exciting dream you could possibly think about for yourself?  Are there other people telling you that your idea is impractical? I just came off from a coach call with a young couple who are building a beautiful family and at the same time building an exciting business, what excitement they have and how inspirational their story is. I remember when they first embarked on this adventure and they both had very good safe jobs. Many family members and friends were very discouraging about them leaving safety and security for a wildly ambitious dream about having their own business. Today 5 years later, I am so thrilled to see their success and maturity which comes from daring to go for it against all the naysaying.

I love to coach people who are unsatisfied with average and good enough. They are people who embrace realizing their dream and they overcome the fear that would keep them from being all they can be and all they desire to be with their lives. I have no desire to coach around a survival mentality when there is so much more available.

What have you wanted to do with your life but keep postponing for a better time? People, there will NEVER be a better time than right now, what is spoiling your ability to have it? Do you need a lift to just consider whether your dream has legs or not? If so, I’m your resource in times of confusion or intimidation. Why not try a few coaching sessions to see where it can lead? I’m offering 3 free coach sessions just to determine if coaching could work for you. This offer will close on November 30, 2020.

After these 3 free sessions you decide whether you want to continue or not. Absolutely no obligation to continue beyond the 3 also no guilt if you choose my coaching isn’t for you.

Coach Larry Anderson, ACC


Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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