Entrepreneurs Beat The Lockdown!

talk about ingenuous

While visiting East Berlin in February earlier this year, 2020, I was absolutely blown away with a young German entrepreneur and his portable business. Imagine a totally portable hot dog stand complete with umbrella for advertising and rain protection. He takes his business to the people, right where they are at. Here he was in a busy square outside a large mall, train station, and busy tourist attractions. Why couldn’t this work to overcome COVID lockdown regulations?

What do you do well, that you enjoy doing, that you would love to share with others as well as earn money in the process? Are you using your talents and gifting to, both, benefit yourself and others? When we do what we love to do, every day is an absolute joy and we convey that feeling to those we serve. I frequently say, I’ve never worked a day in my life, just loved what I do every day and earned income in the process 🙂

2021 will be the year of new beginnings with COVID on its way out. I have been learning to treasure what is uniquely me and my style not allowing myself to become distracted by all of the negative naysayers. The United States of America still offers the most robust system of capitalism and free enterprise. I wonder sometimes if as a people we understand how blessed we are to live with the freedom to make our own choices about our livelihood, where to live, and what to pursue for interests. I have learned how to tune out all the negative vibes that populate FB, Twitter, news media, etc. and only allow in good wholesome stuff. I will not allow others to ruin my day.

How about you, are you looking for the rays of sunshine?

Coach Larry

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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