It is so easy to sit back and wait when the political atmosphere is all about having a worrying, fearful, and dependent population. Folks, it isn’t true that we need someone larger than us to determine our future, at least not some other human, government, or organization. After all we have a GOD who is Lord over all.

For me, I’m not waiting longer, NOW IS THE TIME. In fact, when others are dilly dallying and hanging around, what a great time to walk into this open space and introduce a new idea.

What dream and aspiration do you have? Do you often daydream about a business you would like to startup? Do you fantasize about growing the small enterprise that you have already started but seems to be languishing in this current environment of uncertainty? Do you think about starting a new career in a totally different field?

Well I ask you, will there ever be a better time than right now? Banks have money available for startups with well thought ideas and the skills to see them through. Much of what would be competition is sitting on the sidelines waiting for a better time.

Okay, so much for setting the table. What is your field that you are passionate about? If it is a startup idea then there isn’t any better book to guide you than “The E Myth Revisited” by Michel E. Gerber. Because of copyright protection I am unable to literally quote from this book but one of my takeaway ideas is that most businesses aren’t started by entrepreneurs but simply small business people with a systematized approach.

I hope to share more with you over the weeks to come. I would love to inspire just a handful of you to step out in 2021 with boldness and to realize your dream.

Remember, I am here to help you, to encourage you to take that next important step that will propel your life forward and starting right now in 2021!



Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach


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