I was once asked what I had done for work over my career? My answer, “I’ve never worked a day in my life, I’ve just had fun”. I can say this honestly because of having made good choices at THE RIGHT TIMES.

In the beginning of my career path, with a wife and first child to be responsible for, I took a risky path which opened the door to not only fun work but tremendous adventure possibilities. I made a choice to leave the safety of what typically I would have been expected to do, and what many of my peers were doing. Instead I chose to go onto the unknown and risky road of investing myself and any then held financial resources into a startup electronics company, what FUN it turned out to be.

I have never looked back and held any regrets for that choice. I could have stayed in the safety of the known and never been the wiser for it. Oh what I would have missed, such as; being trained in corporate management, living in various European cities, working in Asia and living in several large American cities. All opportunities realized because I followed my heart and ignored the advice of some.

If you are a young person and just starting out to find a suitable and fun career path don’t limit your sights on what can be. Look around for all possible career avenues you could explore. Even if you are somewhere in the middle or even late years of your career but not having fun, don’t go another day without working on a solution to remove yourself from the current struggle.

“Adversity is the first path to truth.”

Lord Byron

Choose a career path that gets your juices flowing and has the potential to cause you to grow and also have fun along the way. In my opinion, fun comes when we are growing and learning. Fun and pleasure are a byproduct of making good choices and those choices could include, stretching us beyond our comfort zone.

In my role as life and business coach, I just love to work with people that are ready to improve their circumstances and refuse to accept the attitude of being a victim without hope. I say to anyone, of course you have hope, but no one is going to fix it for you without your involvement. Remember:

“You can’t steer a big ship without first getting up some steam”

Larry Anderson

Are you ready to improve your lot in life, for your own sake and in some cases for the sake of your family? If so, I can help you get started, and help you to begin picking up your own steam. I’ll do that with the gift of a free coaching session. Just email here for a free consultation.

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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