Career Development

“Behold the turtle: He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”

James Conant Bryant

Offering a new focus in my coaching for those just embarking on a career selection, like young people considering how to enter the work force. Or also anyone just plain tired of doing the daily grind, people that don’t look forward to Monday mornings.

Like my previous post said, work should be fun! Do you need to make a work change? Is it time to “stick your neck out” and just go for it? Do you know a young person struggling to find a way to have adequate income but not wanting to waste their time going to a boring job? These situations are right in the wheelhouse for my coaching. I just love to help people “stick their necks out” but without the danger of getting their head chopped off.

Finding a rewarding career isn’t only about making money, it is also about having a rewarding life. When we do what we enjoy, everything is more exciting, not just when we are at work but also when we are away from work. With a stress free work life we are able to be balanced and have a rewarding free time life as well. It is wonderful to be free of stress and worry while together with family and friends.

My coaching focus has always been about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners but recently I’m hearing about people needing to find a career path. I believe this to be such an important element of living a happy and satisfying life that I am seeing it as a need niche to be filled. For anyone signing up for this type of career path coaching I’m offering a very low special rate. Get more info…

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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