COVID Has Been Devastating

Down But Not Out

Small business operator, private practitioner, entrepreneur, or any other description you give your line of work, these are tough times. How do I get going again?

Review and Renew

Review the vision I have been working towards and wherever relevant renew and restate my vision going forward. Do you love what you do for work? Now is an opportunity to adjust my vision for the work I do or the business I run.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

Maya Angelou

I Love My Work

Have you noticed, whether someone serving you in a restaurant, or where you have your car serviced, or on the phone providing you with information or help, etc. are people that love what they are doing? They are just a joy to be around. Conversely, you can tell straight away a person trying to serve you in some capacity that is clearly unhappy and outside of their gifting. Why do we keep going back to certain businesses or services and be happy about paying for the goods or services rendered? I maintain it is because of people that I enjoy doing business with. People like that give me their undivided attention and they find solutions that satisfy me the customer and it isn’t about them and their needs.

Maybe you are very good at something and for you it is no work at all to provide certain services or product to others to meet their needs and not your own. Is it the right timing in this restart economy to provide some exemplary service or product to others in some field you love and are very good at? I believe with all my heart that this is one of those times in history for people with a vision, ambition, and motivation to press the restart button and begin anew. I wonder how many are reading this posting dream of doing something, except fear forces them to think the time isn’t right. After the devastation of COVID you may think the business atmosphere isn’t very good for me to make a change. I suggest this is a rare and unusually positive moment for the right kind of people. There have been many small businesses that didn’t weather COVID lockdown and have closed down which has created a void to be filled. Is this moment for you and your dream?

There is so much help available, whether financial or business strategy development services to help you startup a business or to change your career. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, I get that, but it is imperative that you enjoy what you do and not become stuck in a rut trying to please someone else. Want to do an evaluation? Contact me for a free coaching consultation to evaluate this moment and opportune time for you.

Stop or Restart

On my computer I have two choices on the powering selection. I can either completely stop or I can restart. I can only hope you won’t completely stop but rather you will choose to restart anew.

Larry Anderson, Professional Life Coach

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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