Am I Deceiving Myself?


Too frequently, I find myself procrastinating, doing things that appear to be productive but are an escape from doing the actual job that needs to be done. For an example, I may have made up my mind to work on marketing my coaching practice with an idea to add a new client or two. But actually my actions don’t line up with what I had set out to accomplish. If I am honest, I find myself skirting all around the edges and not directly doing what is required. What do I mean, well for instance, I may have intended to write a new posting for my website but I allow myself to get sidetracked. I start writing a draft and think that it just isn’t good enough, no one is going to bother to read this, I need to make it more perfect. So then what do I do? I go off and listen to some blogs or read yet more articles about how to better market my skills convincing myself I am working towards the objective, but I’m not. All of this activity may make me feel like I am working and accomplishing something, but really? No I’m not, I have actually avoided taking any specific actions which would lead to accomplishing my original objective. WHAT A DECEPTION!

What About You?

Can you relate to what I am saying? What is sidetracking you from making that job change you know you want to make? Do you think things like, I’m not really qualified enough, others are more qualified than me? Maybe you do things like, polish your resume’ in an attempt to develop a perfect resume’. However, you never seem to get around to submitting it to a potential employer that you are interested in. Or maybe you have had an idea for that startup business you frequently dream about but never get around to doing anything towards making it a reality? Or is it that you have your own business which is struggling and you often think I need to get help and get this straightened out, but you fool around the edges and don’t tackle the problem head on.


Today Is The Day, Don’t Put It Off To Tomorrow

I need to ask myself the question, do I really want it, do I mean business or am I only playing at it? The more I drift around making excuses, the more elusive the idea or dream becomes. You may remember the story of Moses dialog with God in Exodus chapters 3&4 where Moses protested that he couldn’t do the job being requested of him by God. Then the Lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?” I suggest to you that if you are thinking of doing something that is within your gifting, you have what you need, don’t be delayed or put off with procrastination type questions. Implement the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.

Always Ready To Help!

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC (Professional Life Coach)

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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