Merry Christmas

As we head into the new year, 2022, I am encouraged and excited about the possibilities for entrepreneurs. My primary focus as coach is to help, entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs, and current small-business owners. Being a die-hard capitalist that believes the best possible economic system is a free enterprise style marketplace, there hasn’t been a time like the present, when folks want to take control of their own destiny and outcomes.

WSJ – The pan­demic has un­leashed a his­toric burst in en­tre­pre­neur­ship and self-em­ploy­ment. Hun­dreds of thou­sands of Amer­i­cans are strik­ing out on their own as con­sul­tants, re­tail­ers and small-busi­ness own­ers.

Wall Street Journal November 30, 2021

Is this a moment in time for you?

This quote above is in real-time saying this good timing for many folks like you who have been waiting to follow that dream of having their own business.

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC

Entrepreneurs In Various Forms

I’m currently in our summer home in Maine and as I look around me I find entrepreneurs in various forms and sizes. I various types of businesses. They all have their struggles but each entrepreneur loves what they do and they adapt to conditions and they succeed.

A few examples right here in Port Clyde, Maine.

Village Ice Cream and Bakery, ships bakery products around the country.
Ferry & Mailboat to Monhegan Island handling daily passengers from around the world.
Commercial fishing both bottom fish (haddock, cod, sole, etc.) and lobsters.

Entrepreneurs are everywhere that you find people. Where would we be without entrepreneurs? How about you, what kind of product or service could you bring to market? I started lobstering when I was 15 years old, a born entrepreneur.

Do you need help with your business or do you need help figuring out how to become your own boss?


Entrepreneur, Is It Time

Success Is Planned For and Committed To!

Chart A Course and Navigate To It!

Choosing A Vision

What type of business do you want to develop, build, and operate? In 1963, I was invited into a business partnership and given a 50% ownership position without putting in any money in lieu of me bringing energy, vision, and commitment. It was the beginning of a rewarding and successful 50+ year business career but it wasn’t without obstacles, failings, and restarts. This exciting business beginning became a training ground for me to eventual choose my field of choice, #marine electronics!

Choose Wisely

It is important to choose a field that you are qualified for, passionate about, and committed to! RETAIL is a great choice if you love working with people and helping to solve their problems in a particular product or service category. Retail is also a small business category that has much easier entry level because it doesn’t have to be capital intensive and doesn’t require waiting a long time for payback.

Retail businesses sell items or services to customers for their consumption, use, or pleasure. They typically sell items and services in-store but some items may be sold online or over the phone and then shipped to the customer. Examples of retail businesses include clothing, drug, grocery, and convenience stores.

Depending on the specific field you choose, it is possible to startup a retail business with minimum amount of capital. Investing your capital in a wise an intelligent way is of course an absolute must. I will write more specifically about this another time. The goal of this short posting is to get the creative juices activated and working, in other words get you thinking.

Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

As we come out of this COVID pandemic, the business environment couldn’t be more ripe with possibilities than it is at this very moment. If not now when? Unfortunately, many businesses didn’t navigate safely through this tremendously complicated shutdown period and no longer exist or are frightened to stock up. There is pent up demand, people are more and more looking to get out and visit shops. What a time for a small business entrepreneur to take advantage of customers wanting to come out to experience the items they want to buy first hand and not just digitally online. Recently I had to buy a new laptop and headed to the Apple store to secure one of their latest MacBook Air models. Now, I have always held up the Apple Store as an exemplary business model that any businessman would do well to emulate, but lo and behold they have lost their way during this pandemic. I had predetermined that the laptop I wanted was in stock at my local Apple Store but when I arrived I was met with resistance to enter the store without an appointment. Furthermore, I was required to wear a mask despite the fact I had been vaccinated for 2 months. All of this to say, it is going to take large companies a longtime to adjust to an open marketplace. The old adage is in play, strike while the iron is hot!

Is It Time For You To Come Out?

My field of choice was #marine electronics, what is yours? I will be expanding on this theme going forward including ideas for business startups and also fundamental management strategies that have been proven to succeed.


Larry C Anderson, CPLC, ACC

Am I Deceiving Myself?


Too frequently, I find myself procrastinating, doing things that appear to be productive but are an escape from doing the actual job that needs to be done. For an example, I may have made up my mind to work on marketing my coaching practice with an idea to add a new client or two. But actually my actions don’t line up with what I had set out to accomplish. If I am honest, I find myself skirting all around the edges and not directly doing what is required. What do I mean, well for instance, I may have intended to write a new posting for my website but I allow myself to get sidetracked. I start writing a draft and think that it just isn’t good enough, no one is going to bother to read this, I need to make it more perfect. So then what do I do? I go off and listen to some blogs or read yet more articles about how to better market my skills convincing myself I am working towards the objective, but I’m not. All of this activity may make me feel like I am working and accomplishing something, but really? No I’m not, I have actually avoided taking any specific actions which would lead to accomplishing my original objective. WHAT A DECEPTION!

What About You?

Can you relate to what I am saying? What is sidetracking you from making that job change you know you want to make? Do you think things like, I’m not really qualified enough, others are more qualified than me? Maybe you do things like, polish your resume’ in an attempt to develop a perfect resume’. However, you never seem to get around to submitting it to a potential employer that you are interested in. Or maybe you have had an idea for that startup business you frequently dream about but never get around to doing anything towards making it a reality? Or is it that you have your own business which is struggling and you often think I need to get help and get this straightened out, but you fool around the edges and don’t tackle the problem head on.


Today Is The Day, Don’t Put It Off To Tomorrow

I need to ask myself the question, do I really want it, do I mean business or am I only playing at it? The more I drift around making excuses, the more elusive the idea or dream becomes. You may remember the story of Moses dialog with God in Exodus chapters 3&4 where Moses protested that he couldn’t do the job being requested of him by God. Then the Lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?” I suggest to you that if you are thinking of doing something that is within your gifting, you have what you need, don’t be delayed or put off with procrastination type questions. Implement the Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.

Always Ready To Help!

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC (Professional Life Coach)

COVID Has Been Devastating

Down But Not Out

Small business operator, private practitioner, entrepreneur, or any other description you give your line of work, these are tough times. How do I get going again?

Review and Renew

Review the vision I have been working towards and wherever relevant renew and restate my vision going forward. Do you love what you do for work? Now is an opportunity to adjust my vision for the work I do or the business I run.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

Maya Angelou

I Love My Work

Have you noticed, whether someone serving you in a restaurant, or where you have your car serviced, or on the phone providing you with information or help, etc. are people that love what they are doing? They are just a joy to be around. Conversely, you can tell straight away a person trying to serve you in some capacity that is clearly unhappy and outside of their gifting. Why do we keep going back to certain businesses or services and be happy about paying for the goods or services rendered? I maintain it is because of people that I enjoy doing business with. People like that give me their undivided attention and they find solutions that satisfy me the customer and it isn’t about them and their needs.

Maybe you are very good at something and for you it is no work at all to provide certain services or product to others to meet their needs and not your own. Is it the right timing in this restart economy to provide some exemplary service or product to others in some field you love and are very good at? I believe with all my heart that this is one of those times in history for people with a vision, ambition, and motivation to press the restart button and begin anew. I wonder how many are reading this posting dream of doing something, except fear forces them to think the time isn’t right. After the devastation of COVID you may think the business atmosphere isn’t very good for me to make a change. I suggest this is a rare and unusually positive moment for the right kind of people. There have been many small businesses that didn’t weather COVID lockdown and have closed down which has created a void to be filled. Is this moment for you and your dream?

There is so much help available, whether financial or business strategy development services to help you startup a business or to change your career. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, I get that, but it is imperative that you enjoy what you do and not become stuck in a rut trying to please someone else. Want to do an evaluation? Contact me for a free coaching consultation to evaluate this moment and opportune time for you.

Stop or Restart

On my computer I have two choices on the powering selection. I can either completely stop or I can restart. I can only hope you won’t completely stop but rather you will choose to restart anew.

Larry Anderson, Professional Life Coach

Doing The Right Thing

Should You Be Doing This?

How honest are you about what you are spending time on?

“The trouble is, you think you have time. “

Jack Kornfield

Is what I am doing today contributing to my goal? Wow, how time gets wasted as we fall into the trap of responding rather than directing. The difference between a successful entrepreneur and a failing business, is that one is focused and focused on the right things and the other is drifting with the flow and going along with whatever comes along. Are you frustrated with not getting on with developing that forever niggling new business idea or with a business that is floundering and not going anywhere? I would bet you are focused on the wrong thing or not even focused at all.

A New Day

Let’s jump right into this thought, why hasn’t my business taken off or why haven’t I started that new business I’ve been dreaming about? Well, you have to flush out your vision “what do you want to be when you grow up” 🙂 Doing the wrong thing efficiently isn’t leading to the right result. Answering social media messages, responding to distracting phone calls, going off and doing fun things with friends all need to be managed into the right place and right time in your life. They can’t be interrupting “job one” which is being successful in my life or business. Look at what God directed Humans to do in Genesis…

28 Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it

Holy Bible: New Living Translation (Ge 1:28)

Be Fruitful and Multiply

God is for you, he made you; to create, manage, and succeed, so what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time as a businessperson to reset, refocus and start succeeding in the specific thing you are good at? We can become so distracted, particularly in this 21st century.

Encouragement and Direction

My role as coach is to help you become encouraged and confident to achieve your goals or dream. It is also my role to help you flush out your vision and develop an action plan to get moving in the right direction. There are no guarantees, but in general doing the right things efficiently will go a long way towards achieving a successful result.

Larry Anderson ACC, CPLC

Career Development

“Behold the turtle: He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”

James Conant Bryant

Offering a new focus in my coaching for those just embarking on a career selection, like young people considering how to enter the work force. Or also anyone just plain tired of doing the daily grind, people that don’t look forward to Monday mornings.

Like my previous post said, work should be fun! Do you need to make a work change? Is it time to “stick your neck out” and just go for it? Do you know a young person struggling to find a way to have adequate income but not wanting to waste their time going to a boring job? These situations are right in the wheelhouse for my coaching. I just love to help people “stick their necks out” but without the danger of getting their head chopped off.

Finding a rewarding career isn’t only about making money, it is also about having a rewarding life. When we do what we enjoy, everything is more exciting, not just when we are at work but also when we are away from work. With a stress free work life we are able to be balanced and have a rewarding free time life as well. It is wonderful to be free of stress and worry while together with family and friends.

My coaching focus has always been about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners but recently I’m hearing about people needing to find a career path. I believe this to be such an important element of living a happy and satisfying life that I am seeing it as a need niche to be filled. For anyone signing up for this type of career path coaching I’m offering a very low special rate. Get more info…



I was once asked what I had done for work over my career? My answer, “I’ve never worked a day in my life, I’ve just had fun”. I can say this honestly because of having made good choices at THE RIGHT TIMES.

In the beginning of my career path, with a wife and first child to be responsible for, I took a risky path which opened the door to not only fun work but tremendous adventure possibilities. I made a choice to leave the safety of what typically I would have been expected to do, and what many of my peers were doing. Instead I chose to go onto the unknown and risky road of investing myself and any then held financial resources into a startup electronics company, what FUN it turned out to be.

I have never looked back and held any regrets for that choice. I could have stayed in the safety of the known and never been the wiser for it. Oh what I would have missed, such as; being trained in corporate management, living in various European cities, working in Asia and living in several large American cities. All opportunities realized because I followed my heart and ignored the advice of some.

If you are a young person and just starting out to find a suitable and fun career path don’t limit your sights on what can be. Look around for all possible career avenues you could explore. Even if you are somewhere in the middle or even late years of your career but not having fun, don’t go another day without working on a solution to remove yourself from the current struggle.

“Adversity is the first path to truth.”

Lord Byron

Choose a career path that gets your juices flowing and has the potential to cause you to grow and also have fun along the way. In my opinion, fun comes when we are growing and learning. Fun and pleasure are a byproduct of making good choices and those choices could include, stretching us beyond our comfort zone.

In my role as life and business coach, I just love to work with people that are ready to improve their circumstances and refuse to accept the attitude of being a victim without hope. I say to anyone, of course you have hope, but no one is going to fix it for you without your involvement. Remember:

“You can’t steer a big ship without first getting up some steam”

Larry Anderson

Are you ready to improve your lot in life, for your own sake and in some cases for the sake of your family? If so, I can help you get started, and help you to begin picking up your own steam. I’ll do that with the gift of a free coaching session. Just email here for a free consultation.