Two Heads are Better Than One


I’ve been asked what can a coach do for me that I can’t do on my own? I answer this way: I have learned over many years and lots of experiences, both bad and good experiences, that when I have tried to succeed by not humbling myself and asking for help it has taken a lot more time with lots of mishaps. A coach provides questions which in turn brings insight leading to wisdom. When everything seems cloudy and uncertain two heads are better than one.

Some of my biggest breakthroughs in life have come from a very qualified friend, or a professional in a specific field, allowing me to bounce things off from them. Coaching is actually a technical field which is implemented by a capable coach with artistic and creative flair. Because coaching is technical and requires appropriate training and skillset development, a client of a certified coach can feel safe when receiving coaching from a coach with an artistic ability to create. Coaching is by no means “seat of the pants” pseudo counseling or pop psychology but rather an empirically proven technique to help a person find a way forward where, many times, there seems to be no clear solution. It really doesn’t matter what topic we are considering, coaching brings considerable help leading to positive results.

Most professional coaches that I know offer a free trial coaching session to help familiarize a potential new client with the coaching technique, I also offer the same to any first time potential client. Would you like to checkout what a coaching session might feel like? Please contact me here…

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC

Reward For Hard Work

Illustration From Real Life Example

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, or another way to say, a family of small business operators, I was exposed to business management training by example or by tutorial. For instance, my grandfather an operator of a fishing crew, was continuously mentioning to me, even while I was a teenager, “don’t let your men bunch up”. In other words, when you have workers, don’t let them become ineffective by becoming distracted from their actual tasks and the best way to prevent that is to not organize the work space for an inordinate amount of distraction or socializing.

We Live In A World Of Technology Distractions

In order to be productive, one has to keep distractions and time-wasting to a minimum. In the 21st century our bodies, home, office, and other work spaces are cluttered with notification dings from many sources. For all the good that communications on demand brings to our world, it has the potential for enormous distraction and reduction in productivity, or an increase in the making of errors or mistakes. As my wife and I do exercise walking through our neighborhood each day, I am constantly struck by the various work crew teams doing, roofing, gardening, remodeling, etc. and inevitably at least one team member is on their phone texting or talking. Or come up to a traffic light and the driver in front is distracted by their phone and need a horn to realize the light has turned green. What is the manager of a business or work crew to do in order to restore full productivity? Well, it takes a leader to set a good example, you need to start by managing your own disciplines. What is the old adage, “do as I do not as I say”. Are you setting a correct example so that you can demand that your employees follow your example?

Equity or Equality

The capitalistic marketplace of America is based on reward for performance. While I haven’t studied this intently, it has been drawn to my attention, there is a new mindset arriving in our nation that no-one should excel but rather lay back and take it easy. This is intended so that others who don’t want to be self-disciplined and work hard for reward, won’t feel bad. But the result of that mindset is stagnation, no growth and falling back, the opposite of success. This new way of thinking is becoming more and more prevalent. Evidently, there is a new term creeping into our political narrative and it is equity. Equity is replacing equality. Equality is about everyone having a fair opportunity to succeed, whereas equity is about everyone having equal outcomes whether or not they are willing to work for it, this is a dangerous slope.

While living in Scandinavia, there was a term, or philosophy I learned about called:

Janteloven (the law of Jante) at its simplest describes the way that all Norwegians (and in fact, other Scandinavians too) behave: putting society ahead of the individual, not boasting about individual accomplishments, and not being jealous of others. … Janteloven is more a set of unspoken social norms.

The Actual American Dream

I think as a country we have to be on guard against this socialistic way of thinking. I think if there is a thing that can distract from building a successful business, this is certainly one. We have always been a hard-working country and hard-working people that rewards success. Let’s be careful America, like the proverbial frog in slowly heated up water, we won’t notice we are being stifled and being led to a death sentence. The American Dream has always been about the freedom to choose, and the opportunity to achieve. Why do so many people want to come to America? I believe for freedom and opportunity to exercise their own initiative. Of course there are always the exceptions and some come for a handout. I pray to God that our nation will not listen to the voices that extol the virtues of socialism, which has always proven to be a dead end.

Let’s pursue the ACTUAL AMERICAN DREAM, the freedom and opportunity to succeed. Come on entrepreneurs, where are you?

Larry Anderson – COACH



I suspect that people reading this post are not all in the same camp, politically. You may be happy about the political changes happening in our nation or you may be concerned. As I’m not intending to be a political commentator, I won’t pontificate with any personal thoughts on that topic. I do try to stay informed, evaluate, and then vote my conscious and heart in each election available to me. No matter which political persuasion is calling the shots, I am still in charge of my own personal destiny. We must wakeup to the fact, if we feel victimized there is no hope in that, and also in America it isn’t reality. I have many possibilities through my own personal skills, ambition and initiative.

With this preamble in mind, I have tremendous hope for my future and for your’s. What is your NEXT STEP to start that new business, improve and grow your current business, make that career change, or repair a damaged relationship? If you need help discovering that NEXT STEP, that is what I specialize in. Our future can always looks bright, even in the midst of a pandemic or political upheaval, it depends on my mindset whether I STEP OUT with confidence or cower in fear. Where are you on that spectrum of possibilities?

In my last blog posting, I mentioned a book, “The E Myth Revisited” by Michael E Gerber, this book is an excellent manual for small business operators. In this book Gerber quotes the founder of IBM, Tom Watson. Mr. Watson said “IBM is what it is today for three special reasons. The first reason is that, at the very beginning, I had a very clear picture of what the company would look like when it was finally done. You might say I had a model in mind of what it would look like when the dream-my vision-was in place. The second reason was that once I had that picture, I then asked myself how a company which looked like that would have to act. I then created a picture of how IBM would act when it was finally done. The third reason IBM has been so successful was that once I had a picture of how IBM would look when the dream was in place and how such a company would have to act, then I realized that, unless we began to act that way from the very beginning, we would never get there. In other words, I realized that for IBM to become a great company it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one. From the very outset, IBM was fashioned after the template of my vision. And each and every day we attempted to model the company after that template. At the end of each day, we asked ourselves how well we did, discovered the disparity between where we were and where we had committed our selves to be, and, at the start of the following day, set out to make up the difference. Every day at IBM was a day devoted to business development, not doing business. We didn’t do business at IBM, we built on.

What do you think of that statement. It reveals what makes a great business great. What sort of vision do you have for your business or your life? Are you acting upon your vision as a reality? Are you living it out even before it is fully realized? Are you believing in your vision? What is your NEXT STEP, even if you can’t see the whole staircase? Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. believed in his “I had a dream” speech becoming a reality? I believe he would be pleased today to see the strides that have been made in his vision of America based on his dream, and even well after he has left. What impact will you be leaving behind after your departure?

Okay, FIRST NEXT STEP, it is always time to act, but what action will lead to a correct and successful result. Remember, you aren’t a victim, your future is up to you and not some other entity or person. Want to consider having a coach? Contact me here…

Larry Anderson (Coach)



It is so easy to sit back and wait when the political atmosphere is all about having a worrying, fearful, and dependent population. Folks, it isn’t true that we need someone larger than us to determine our future, at least not some other human, government, or organization. After all we have a GOD who is Lord over all.

For me, I’m not waiting longer, NOW IS THE TIME. In fact, when others are dilly dallying and hanging around, what a great time to walk into this open space and introduce a new idea.

What dream and aspiration do you have? Do you often daydream about a business you would like to startup? Do you fantasize about growing the small enterprise that you have already started but seems to be languishing in this current environment of uncertainty? Do you think about starting a new career in a totally different field?

Well I ask you, will there ever be a better time than right now? Banks have money available for startups with well thought ideas and the skills to see them through. Much of what would be competition is sitting on the sidelines waiting for a better time.

Okay, so much for setting the table. What is your field that you are passionate about? If it is a startup idea then there isn’t any better book to guide you than “The E Myth Revisited” by Michel E. Gerber. Because of copyright protection I am unable to literally quote from this book but one of my takeaway ideas is that most businesses aren’t started by entrepreneurs but simply small business people with a systematized approach.

I hope to share more with you over the weeks to come. I would love to inspire just a handful of you to step out in 2021 with boldness and to realize your dream.

Remember, I am here to help you, to encourage you to take that next important step that will propel your life forward and starting right now in 2021!



Merry Christmas

A little discussed part of the Christmas Story is Joseph’s dilemma with Mary becoming pregnant before they were actually married. Maybe that would be totally ignored in our culture today but it was different 2000 years ago and particularly in the Jewish culture. 

What Was Joseph Thinking? (Let’s read the story)

Matthew 1:18–21 (NLT): “18 This is how Jesus the Messiah was born. His mother, Mary, was engaged to be married to Joseph. But before the marriage took place, while she was still a virgin, she became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit. 19 Joseph, to whom she was engaged, was a righteous man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly. 

20 As he considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. “Joseph, son of David,” the angel said, “do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit. 21 And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

How embarrassing! The whole town will know (according to the culture and customs of the time) that Joseph either had cheated and slept with Mary before their marriage or worse maybe Mary had slept with another man. Then Joseph had a dream and had the faith to believe it was from God. He went ahead and married Mary. He did the right thing no matter what others might think. 

I don’t know about you but I can have a tendency to protect my self image and might question whether or not I can trust the dream. Do we miss the most important God opportunities because of concerns about what others might think? I have done so in the past. 

We live in this “cancel culture” time where social media, national TV media, and other opinion shaping media try and silence all discussions around miraculous faith. People that don’t want the truth of Jesus to shine a light on their thoughts, affairs (sic), or desires to steal their fun and, unfortunately, miss out on the chance of a lifetime. Of course the real truth is, the one and only begotten Son of God, Jesus, has the ultimate answer for any one of us but we miss it when we manage our self-image in a way we think others will approve of. 

How about you, will you enter into a 2020 Christmas with the faith of Joseph, believing God is still doing miracles and wants to do one for you, and in you?

After a scary and challenging year, what would you like God to do for you this Christmas? I believe, together with you, that this could be the year God wants to do a miracle for you. Will you, by faith, trust in God and not be swayed by what others may think?

Starting a new venture, a new career, step back and do a fun work that you feel passionate about, or whatever else you may be hesitant to do because of fear of failure or what other people may think. Dare to be different, separate yourself from the herd, step out and go for whatever you have always dreamed about doing. THIS IS YOUR YEAR, IT IS YOUR TIME, DON’T MISS IT!

A 2020 Merry Christmas,

Larry Anderson

Entrepreneurs Beat The Lockdown!

talk about ingenuous

While visiting East Berlin in February earlier this year, 2020, I was absolutely blown away with a young German entrepreneur and his portable business. Imagine a totally portable hot dog stand complete with umbrella for advertising and rain protection. He takes his business to the people, right where they are at. Here he was in a busy square outside a large mall, train station, and busy tourist attractions. Why couldn’t this work to overcome COVID lockdown regulations?

What do you do well, that you enjoy doing, that you would love to share with others as well as earn money in the process? Are you using your talents and gifting to, both, benefit yourself and others? When we do what we love to do, every day is an absolute joy and we convey that feeling to those we serve. I frequently say, I’ve never worked a day in my life, just loved what I do every day and earned income in the process 🙂

2021 will be the year of new beginnings with COVID on its way out. I have been learning to treasure what is uniquely me and my style not allowing myself to become distracted by all of the negative naysayers. The United States of America still offers the most robust system of capitalism and free enterprise. I wonder sometimes if as a people we understand how blessed we are to live with the freedom to make our own choices about our livelihood, where to live, and what to pursue for interests. I have learned how to tune out all the negative vibes that populate FB, Twitter, news media, etc. and only allow in good wholesome stuff. I will not allow others to ruin my day.

How about you, are you looking for the rays of sunshine?

Coach Larry



Frequently, I remind myself of the Bible story of Joshua where God says to Joshua “Be strong and very courageous” . From this I take away resolve and strength to handle any large project ahead of me.

There have been moments in my life when I have had to choose to leap out into the frightening unknown if I was to realize my full potential. It was all about whether I would continue to live a life of growth and adventure which required “guts” to continue! How about you? What holds you back from pursuit of the most exciting dream you could possibly think about for yourself?  Are there other people telling you that your idea is impractical? I just came off from a coach call with a young couple who are building a beautiful family and at the same time building an exciting business, what excitement they have and how inspirational their story is. I remember when they first embarked on this adventure and they both had very good safe jobs. Many family members and friends were very discouraging about them leaving safety and security for a wildly ambitious dream about having their own business. Today 5 years later, I am so thrilled to see their success and maturity which comes from daring to go for it against all the naysaying.

I love to coach people who are unsatisfied with average and good enough. They are people who embrace realizing their dream and they overcome the fear that would keep them from being all they can be and all they desire to be with their lives. I have no desire to coach around a survival mentality when there is so much more available.

What have you wanted to do with your life but keep postponing for a better time? People, there will NEVER be a better time than right now, what is spoiling your ability to have it? Do you need a lift to just consider whether your dream has legs or not? If so, I’m your resource in times of confusion or intimidation. Why not try a few coaching sessions to see where it can lead? I’m offering 3 free coach sessions just to determine if coaching could work for you. This offer will close on November 30, 2020.

After these 3 free sessions you decide whether you want to continue or not. Absolutely no obligation to continue beyond the 3 also no guilt if you choose my coaching isn’t for you.

Coach Larry Anderson, ACC


More Than Business


Even while coaching entrepreneurs or business people, the opportunities and benefits for a client have become far more reaching than just business success. I hear stories from clients about what started out to be me coaching someone around a business project or business problem but has actually gravitated into surprising benefits on the home front.

Coaching at Along Side Coach is available for much more than business issues only. Whether it be family relationship issues, teenagers trying to decide on a college, or dealing with COVID generated problems, coaching is a tool that guides through to satisfying results.

Have you considered hiring a coach for a one off issue or just to identify an issue? I am here and able to help contact me here

Larry Anderson (Professional Coach)

Frustrated With Status Quo?

Checkout this video for a testimonial on the benefit of hiring a coach.

Amy was ready for a change, ARE YOU?

What could I do from a coaching role to help you kickstart that change you have been wanting to make but have felt too fearful to begin?

ICF – What is coaching? The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. Coaching is its own distinct profession, separate from other support professions such as training, mentoring, consulting and therapy. 

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