Is It Time?

No Procrastination!

In these unique times, are you tired of waiting for something to happen? Maybe you need to take the initiative by trying different opportunity doors. Waiting for the environment to improve anyone can do, it is what is called procrastination.

What opportunity have you been waiting to open up? Is it having your own business, a job change, embarking on a fresh new career. How could the timing be any more perfect? Anyone, even with low initiative, can wait around for something to happen. People that will be truly successful don’t wait for the right time, they get on with it and specifically when it is difficult for the masses.

Would you like help exploring your opportunities or help with an idea you have been contemplating?

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God Keeps Promises

Taken In South of France March 2020 (by Larry)


Gail & I arrived In France January 10, 2020 for a 3-month visit with family. Who would have imagined our British Air return ticket for March 31, 2020 would be invalidated. We were unable to return home to the United States until 5 weeks later on May 5th. We were put into a 7-week lockdown in Toulouse, France because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our situation was a reminder about how out of control we can feel when we are facing the unknown and without full control of our options, or at least it seemed. It is a similar feeling to when you want to change the course of your destiny but there seems to be no way forward.

What Can You Do?

Maybe you feel that you have very few options when attempting to start a new business venture or make a job or career change. Dear reader, we will come through the coronavirus pandemic, this isn’t the worst thing mankind has faced since Noah and the rainbow promise. You can make the change you want to make in your life but you must refuse having the “victim mentality”. What have you been dreaming of changing but have been fearful or timid to rock the boat? After the threatening changes we have been witnessing daily I’ve been wondering how many of us will muster up the faith to pray about and act upon making a radical change? There may not have been a more opportune time in my lifetime for a person to venture out into that change. I see a time absolutely ripe for retraining into a trades career such as becoming a plumber, electrician, welder, EMT, nursing, etc.

Are you able to envision yourself having fun everyday while working hard and making a living? Someone asked me once what I did for work in my life and I said I did nothing just had fun every day of my life. I have always tried to be operating in my “sweet-spot”. Would you like that? Then don’t wait another day, do something about it. You aren’t a victim of anything but fear. Your future doesn’t depend on another person unless you allow them to have that over you. Your future doesn’t depend on the government either, we still live in a free market-place capitalistic society. I see many speaking on TV that they need something from the government in order to succeed. How sad that they have bought into a manipulative political system that makes one feel they need a politician to help them. It is time to standup for yourself and walk through a door of marvelous opportunities to take care of yourself. Avoid watching too much TV, or looking at too much social media it will sedate you in a similar way as drugs do.

The fantastic rainbow photo, above, was taken in March 2020 while we were experiencing quarantine lockdown in France. I don’t know if I have ever seen such a vivid rainbow in my life. I am reminded of Genesis 9:

14 When I send clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds, 15 and I will remember my covenant with you and with all living creatures. Never again will the floodwaters destroy all life.

After several weeks of lockdown and not knowing when I could return home, finally I decided not to leave my fate in the hands of airlines, money, or any other person. Reacting negatively to me feeling like a victim of circumstances, I took the bull by the horns and found flights that worked and we came home safely, boldly and without incident. Don’t succumb to any lies or fear-mongering being done by and through the mass media. Be wise, be bold and move out by faith, you will be pleasantly surprised.

I want to encourage you, God is still ruler over everything and none of these events like coronavirus, rioting and looting take Him by surprise. He is still a sovereign God over all things, this too shall pass. Real opportunities await those with vision and courage.

Coach Larry Anderson


What is holding you back if it is time to make a move?

COVID19 is interesting in so many ways, mostly negative, but we can learn positive lessons. My wife and I have just returned from France where we were caught in lockdown confinement for 7 weeks. We went for a family 3-month visit which turned into 4 months. We are now home in Arizona and doing the last few days of a mandatory 14-day home quarantine.

Before we could travel back home I had to make a decision to not let circumstances dictate my possibilities. British Airways had cancelled our original returning flight and they couldn’t properly reschedule an acceptable and timely alternative. One of my choices was to wait until British Airways could find an eventual suitable replacement flight from Toulouse, France to Phoenix, Arizona, which didn’t look hopeful for anytime soon. Another choice was to walk away from the bought and paid for flight and purchase a new ticket with an airline that could provide a reasonable timeframe and routing that was comfortable.

I could have let the already spent money and British Airways dictate when we could return to our home, but I chose to make my own better decision.

What keeps you from making that so highly desired and longed for job change or from following that dream to start a new self-owned small business? Are you allowing fear around issues like money or uncertainty of success make the decision for you? The details of process are to be worked out with any problem but those details come into play after a decision is made. The details of process is what Emelia Earhart is speaking to with the word tenacity in the quote leading this posting.

As a professional coach I help you with arriving at your own appropriate decision but I don’t stop there. I also help you with all of the minutia around processing the all important detailed actions, this is where tenacity will be required.

My original question stands what is holding you back?

By the way, if you currently own a small business and find yourself struggling in these complicated times, I can help you navigate through this. I am currently helping other business owners in pioneering their way forward out of this complicated business environment.

Whatever, your specific situation, I offer free consultation to determine if my coaching might be helpful for you.

Larry C Anderson, ACC

Profit from COVID-19?

Does GOD have your attention yet?

How shall we come out of this coronavirus stuff? I will leave any thoughts about the national response to this question with the responsible authorities. But, how shall you and I come out of this drama?

What an opportunity for a business mindset, everything is going to be different than before the crises. How can you use your personal vantage point to leverage a profitable enterprise coming out of this mess? What are you personally good at? How could you make a business out of a product or service that you are uniquely qualified to develop and offer to customers or users?

The door of opportunity has never been so wide open as it is right now in 2020, how exciting. Many types of services and businesses have totally failed their customers, have you experienced that, I have. This opens the door for businesses with INTEGRITY!

As a business coach I can help you discover and launch a new enterprise. Business capital is readily available and is cheap. All one needs is a unique product or service and any of those that makes the customer first, will win.

How about you, would you like to explore this further in free coaching session? No strings attached. No commitment just exploration.

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Major Change Coming

Meaningful careers are becoming more and more limited. Going forward you will need to create your own career. For many, the idea of becoming their own  boss is exciting, while for others it is an intimidating thought and then for others they won’t want the responsibility, which category do you fall into?

Change will happen, with me or without me.

Large companies providing a safe home like a parent for a child will become more and more extinct. They will continually expend people for enhancing the bottom line. The incentive for companies to take care of their employees until they are ready to retire, is a thing of the past. Everything is about lowering costs, bringing on automation, and carrying as few obligations as possible. A view towards social obligation and being a good citizen has lost it’s value for a bottom-line oriented only company. To these companies a customer is seen as a means to an end, profit! This leaves in our society a void that someone with an entrepreneur mindset will figure out how to fill, and develop a successful business along the way.

As I write this my wife, Gail, and I are in Toulouse, France. We are staying with Gail’s daughter and husband. Suzy and her husband Jean-Francois have invited us into their home for the duration of French confinement due to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Suzy is one that enjoys the quality of local businesses for bread, meats, fruit & vegetables, hair dresser, specialty clothing shops, etc. She says that when the nonessential businesses reopen after lockdown, she will pay them beyond what they are asking for their products and services to help make sure they stay around. Suzy is one who values personal attention and high quality service. What room we have in our society today for high quality products and services. Some people are looking for the cheapest price but not all of us are. Some of us truly appreciate, and are willing to pay for, outstanding and exemplary services.

On the other hand, Gail and I had purchased our air travel ticket for a French 3-month visit back in December 2019. We arrived In France on January 10, 2020 for a lengthy visit with family and some tourist activities around Southwest France. In the middle of March we were hit with COVID-19 and a national lockdown. British Airways started cancelling our flights and changing them to illogical new schedules. For an example a reschedule from Toulouse to London arrived 3 hours after our USA flight was to leave Heathrow. BA customer service was impossible to reach by phone and the message online said you must phone if you don’t accept the changes to your flight. This went on and on multiple times and became more and more illogical with yet further changes even more disconnected and more illogical. The only remedy available to me was to cancel and accept a travel voucher for travel we will need to take before January 2021, not likely. So really and unethically, British Airways have hoodwinked us out of our money through no fault of ours but rather to selfishly protect their own corporate bottom line. I could go on about this incident in much more detail but I suspect my point has been made. Through cost reduction decisions, avoidance of handling the customer’s problem, and automation, BA failed miserably.

What an opportunity for someone to step in the void and run an airline that made the customer king. What product or service could you offer your community that could make pleasing customers the goal? Could it be a small baked-good product delivered fresh and tasty. Could it be a service to help older people with understanding new technology, could it be a plumber that honors his word?

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The Threat of Coronavirus Sure Feels Like a Dark Moment

Coronavirus has introduced FEAR, FOOLISHNESS, and FAITH. As I write this blog, Gail & I are quarantined and in house lockdown with our daughter and husband in the South of France. No one can predict when we will be able to return home to the USA. Each flight rearrangement we have made has been cancelled. Fortunately for us, Suzy and Jean-Francois are cool-headed, well-informed, and unselfish in their concern for our vulnerability based on our ages. No fear here, no foolishness here just calm with practical approaches to being safe.

How are you, or you and your family, handling this crises? There is no excuse for not being well-informed. Today we have constant real time communications keeping us up to date on the situation we are facing and on what the best practices are for keeping us as safe as possible. I HOPE YOU ARE TAKING THIS SERIOUS AND DOING ALL YOU CAN TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. This moment requires discipline, hard work, unselfishness, and a mentality for surviving in the long haul.


I will provide several packages of 30 minute coaching sessions to a few people concerned about their living situation under this coronavirus threat and want help with decisions that need to be made. Sign up here

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC (Review my coaching credentials here)

No One Knows You…

No one knows you better than YOU!

The overall concept of having a Life Coach or Business Coach is to help YOU discover YOUR heart’s desire and help you implement a plan to make it a reality.

Here is a quote that speaks to the process…”

It’s scary to make major changes, but we usually have enough courage to take the next right step. One small step and then another. That’s what it takes to raise a child, to get a degree, to write a book, to do whatever it is your heart desires.
Regina Brett

As we approach 2020 are you asking yourself; “Why not now?” or “What is holding me back from reaching for my dream?”

I have space for a few additional clients at the very reasonable rates listed on my website (here). Once these spaces are taken I will be increasing my coaching fees because of limited time availability. I would absolutely love to help you move from procrastination to stepping into your heart’s desire. We will do it together, no need to fear. We will do it step by step.


Pioneer or Settler?

I heard a powerful sermon preached many years ago which spoke to being a pioneer or a settler. In this BLOG I want to use this metaphor of PIONEER versus SETTLER to challenge someone who may be reading this and thinking it is too late for me, my time has come and gone. To that thought I say “hogwash” don’t let negative thoughts highjack your potential at any age. The real question has to be HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!

I know a young man who had a very safe and cushy job but couldn’t let go of his dream to have his own company. Many people advised him against leaving a well paying position with tremendous benefits for a risky dream. But he listened to his own heart and went for his dream. In three short years his new company is successful, he and his family are doing well, and he keeps right on dreaming and his company keeps on growing leaps and bounds.

I know a man in his seventies who retired from a corporate career but rather than lay back in a hammock in the tropics, he embarked on a whole new career. This new career is flourishing and he has found the challenge of learning something brand new to be exhilarating, exciting, and even physically, emotionally, and relationally exciting. There is fresh new life after retirement.

Sometimes finding yourself out of work is a blessing in disguise, as they like to say. So whether forced to do something new, or just following a dream, or looking for a fresh new life; Pioneering, breaking a new path, leaving the mediocre herd behind can be an exciting time.

What about you, have you a dream or a need to try a new and challenging path? Well I am here to help, it is what I am all about, helping others discover a strategy for realizing a dream.

You can learn more at my website

Just Say No!

Website – http://www.alongsidecoach.com

How easily are you able to say no when it is a diversion from what you had planned to be using that time for?

If there is ONE THING that keeps one from accomplishing his or her plan, it is allowing other people or other events to be a distraction to accomplishing your own carefully developed plan.

What makes us so vulnerable to buy into costly interruptions? Do ringing or vibrating phones interrupt? Do text messages or email dings interrupt? Do wonderful and well-meaning friends drop by or make contact to do some fun thing in the exact timeframe you had planned for developing your business, or work on the book you are writing, or have a bit of solitude, etc., THEN DON’T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. Are you going to be in charge or are circumstances going to dictate to you?

I love the Warren Buffet quote in this opening image! The important question truly is AM I GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL? I answer that question with YES I AM so will mostly say NO to outside distractions!