Taking Time…

Yesterday morning at 10:30 AM I looked up from my busyness and couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a large schooner in full sail going past the mouth of Port Clyde harbor. We now summer in my restored family home in the little fishing village where I was raised, Port Clyde, Maine. The view in this photo is from our living room picture window (this is the true meaning of picture window).

I thought WOW, how good You are Lord to provide this special moment which is exhilarating and uplifting!

Are you TAKING TIME to stop and smell the roses or notice God’s handiwork at various points in your day?


Port Clyde, Maine – harbor view summer 2019


I don’t know about you, but I struggle to stay focused on and actively engaged in pursuing my desired and set goals. Obviously, and also like you, I have the best of intentions and fully expect to be reasonably disciplined and work steadily towards achieving those goals, but life happens and much of it is unplanned. There are continual interruptions from just this life happening or also from my own thoughts drifting or even me allowing others to decide what is more urgent. How frustrating when I arrive at the end of another month and see how far I fell short from pursuing my own life goals.

What is the answer to this continual dilemma? Well, I answer it this way by making sure; 1) I have a well-defined and written down plan, 2) a good calendar/reminder tool (software today), 3) and finally and probably more importantly, an ability to say no to very well-intentioned ideas or activities that come from many places but interrupt my ability to achieve my written down, well-stated and planned goal. 

How frequently I find my coaching clients struggling to keep attention on their ultimate and desired prize. A coach is an indispensable tool for guidance in staying the course in achieving your ultimate dream of life. What do you want your life to be like? If you don’t decide what you want your life to be like and pursue it doggedly then circumstances will take over and determine your direction.

What is it you want to achieve for yourself over the next 6 months or over the next 6 years?

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How are your New Year’s resolutions doing? Is it time to hit restart?
If your anything like me you had the best of intentions but busyness and other people’s sense of urgency have robbed me of my original initiative.
Sit right down, refresh your goals and start over! It isn’t too late, the last train hasn’t left the station.😉
Don’t let someone else set your agenda!
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Seeking Direction

As I read Psalm 5 this morning I realized, with help from a G. Campbell Morgan commentary, that this scripture directs specifically how we are to walk with The Lord. Obviously this was the method used by King David as he reveals in this Psalm.

From Psalm 5:3 (NASB) “In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order…to You and eagerly watch.

David started early in the morning with The Lord, worshiping Him and also receiving how to order his day while having this time together with God! David then eagerly watched throughout the day to make sure he stuck to the plan received while he was with The Lord.

I’m afraid I have many times made my plans and then prayed about it and moved on. David worshipped God, then received plans, and the stuck to the plans received by keeping watch.

I am amazed how specific God instructs us from His Word. I shouldn’t be surprised when I see how specific God was with Moses in Exodus about the specifics of the tabernacle. Exact blueprints with size, color, and even the gifted worker to make it accurately.

We can ALWAYS trust God when He gives us plans to follow. The only question is, will I stay the course and follow my own God given plans?




I grew up in a commercial fishing family on the coast of Maine. My grandfather was a mentor to me both spiritually and in life. He was hardworking and extremely successful no matter which type of fishing he was engaged in based on the particular season. He had a crew of seven when we were catching herring for the sardine factory, a crew of two for lobstering and a crew of three when dragging for ground fish. When I was young (age 7-20) I was most of the time one of those crew members.

Gramp didn’t know failure, maybe set backs but never failure. However, he had to go after success it never came to him. How about you, are you determined to find success in your endeavors, no matter the odds? Finding and then catching fish for the income to support his crew and family was never a sure thing but his never accepting failure attitude inevitably yielded success.


As coach, I can help. Is it time to get going again?



I love the quote in the graphic below because it prompted my mind and opened the doors to my heart many years ago when I was in desperate straits. By accepting this concept and thought from British Poet Lord Byron, I believed it and was able to find a positive way forward out of my very difficult circumstances of that period.

Coaching is all about looking forward and discovering a way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coaching doesn’t deal with the past that is psychoanalysis. Coaching isn’t advising, that is counseling or consultancy. A coach listens deeply for your own inner wisdom and enlightens your ability to decide for yourself.

Are you in a place that looks very bleak and you can’t see a way forward? Without doubt there is hope available and coaching is an aid to finding that hope.

adversity is the first path to truth