A 50+ year career in business management both as entrepreneur and corporate executive. Upon retirement from full-time employment in 2012, I was solicited to provide business consultancy services but soon thereafter decided in 2014 to shift my focus into professional business and personal life coaching. In 2016, after 2 years of specific training, I attained certification from PCCI as a CPLC “Certified Professional Life Coach”. In February 2020, I received the credential ACC (Associate Certified Coach) from the world renown coaching organization, ICF (International Coaching Federation).

After investing time and money into training to become a professional coach, I formed in 2016. Currently, my wife Gail and I live between our two homes in Arizona and Maine. Having no desire to fully retire, I now make my coaching services available, at a fee, to people who want to proactively take charge of their life to achieve their hopes and dreams.


My life before taking on this new career in professional life coaching was a lengthy and successful work career in business management roles. I took a detour from business management in 1999 which lasted until 2006 where I was part-time pastor of a church on the coast of Maine and Standards Chairman of NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association). I returned to my business career in 2004 helping establish a startup, Maretron, LLC, Phoenix, AZ. Finishing with full-time management in industry, I retrained and redeployed my skills and experience as a coach. Professional life coaching is the art of guiding an individual, or groups of individuals, through a professional process to achieve their own future goals. I have received academic and experiential training leading to credentials of certification for professional life coaching from well recognized organizations.

Not wanting to just hangup my life and business experience forever, I decided helping others achieve success in their own lives and businesses could be a very rewarding way of spending life in my retirement years.

In my earliest business experience, I started out in a partnership as an entrepreneur. In 1963, myself and a partner, started up an electronics firm in Rockland, Maine which I helped grow into a substantial business and which I managed for 13 years, 1963 to 1976.

In 1976 I joined Raytheon Corporations’ marine division as a regional sales manager and quickly moved up the management ranks to national sales manager, marketing manager, new business startup leader and then general operations manager for the marine divisions’ Europe and Asia subsidiary located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In a later part of my career I held the role of standards chairman for National Marine Electronics Association and I led engineering teams in the development of an international standard (NMEA 2000) for the networking of marine electronics and other marine equipment to be used on commercial and recreational boats.

In this coaching practice,, I work (virtually) with clients around the world. For various methods of coaching connections, contact me here…