Larry C. Anderson, ACC, CPLC – (Certified Professional Life Coach)

After retiring from a successful 50+ year career in business, in 2012 I took on a new career in professional life coaching. Utilizing a lengthy and successful work background in business management along with a 6 year hiatus as pastor of a church on the coast of Maine, I decided too retrain and redeploy as a coach. Professional life coaching is the art of guiding an individual, or groups of individuals, through a professional process to achieve their own future goals. I have received academic and experiential training leading to credentials of certification for professional life coaching. 

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Not wanting to just hangup my life and business experience forever, I decided helping others achieve success in their own lives and businesses could be a very rewarding way of life in my retirement.

In my previous business experience I started out in a partnership as an entrepreneur. In 1963 we started up an electronics firm in Rockland, Maine which I helped grow and which I managed for 13 years.

In 1976 I joined Raytheon Corporations’ marine division as a regional sales manager and quickly moved up the management ranks to national sales manager, marketing manager, new business startup leader and then general operations manager for the marine divisions’ subsidiary in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In a later part of my career I held the role of standards chairman for National Marine Electronics Association and led engineering teams in the development of an international standard for the networking of marine electronics and other marine equipment.

Currently, I live in Arizona and Maine with my wife Gail. In this coaching practice I work with clients around the world. For various coaching connection possibilities click