Coaching Guidelines


Understanding and following professional guidelines is an important aspect of ensuring a productive and professional coach/client relationship. The following GUIDELINES are what operate by.

Procedure: Attending scheduled coaching sessions on time is important for both coach and client. Prior to each working session I should have received a completed Prep Form. (I provide an initial Prep Form template).

Sessions: Our agreement will include a set number of scheduled sessions.  These will be scheduled for mutually agreeable times. YOU will either call me at a prearranged time or come to a meeting place at the appointed time.

Changes: Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.  If you have a valid emergency causing you to miss a call/session, we will work around it.  Otherwise, missed calls are neither made up nor refunded.

Extra Time: I am available for any client under an actively in place agreement between regularly scheduled sessions by email if you have any questions, struggles, thoughts, etc. If an emergency requires an occasional brief phone call that is also acceptable.  These extra contact opportunities are included as part of your fee.

Fees:  Payment is made by check in advance or through PayPal. 

Code of Ethics: I am a member of International Coach Federation and adhere to their Code of Ethics ( re: professional conduct, confidentiality, and conflicts of interest.

Problems: It is vital that our relationship is based on directness and honesty with each other. If at any time you are dissatisfied with something, please bring it to my attention and I will work with you for a resolution.

Follow-through: If you are to receive full value and make coaching a successful experience, it is imperative that you fully apply yourself to the process.  The work in our coaching sessions will sometimes be very purposeful, goal directed, and dependent on you doing whatever “homework” you commit to do. Other times it will be very broad in scope, requiring your personal thoughtfulness. (Christian Clients – As a Christian, it will be important to spend time in prayer and journaling, seeking God for your vision and direction, meditating on His Word, etc.) Your real growth will come from the work you do in follow up to our working sessions. I won’t have all the answers but will certainly be able to help you by asking powerful questions and will be able to support as you seek your own answers. Please be certain you are willing and able to fully commit to this proven process.