Coaching Venues

Professional Coaching isn’t bound by geographic location. Communication Options:

Video (Latest Technology Option)

  • Computer technology provides many types of no charge visual communications applications. They are simple to learn, and without charge. Example applications are: Skype, Face Time, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc. I primarily use Zoom for its professionalism.
Connection right over our computers

Telephone (Simple & Practical Option)

  • Utilizing a telephone option for coaching sessions is very practical and does away with travel as well as overcoming geographic distance limitations. I make available easy and no cost telephone access on a HD(High Definition) telephone line.

Face-to-face Meeting (Traditional Option)

  • Face-to-face meetings are preferred by some individuals, but these meetings can consume more time and expense when you consider your travel time and down time while being away from office or home. I am happy to accommodate these types of meetings if you are willing to visit me. I will come to you when feasible but will charge time and expense plus all travel related costs.

Your choice for whichever communication method best suits you!