Longtime coaching client (Author/Educator)

It was a surprise to me that embarking on life coaching with Larry would give me less rather than more to do…

Larry’s experience, wisdom and talent for perceiving what it is that I am ‘saying’ – that is not necessarily through words but through cues as simple as a change of tone in my voice …has helped me not only be more aware of how I ‘tick’, but has moved me into different ways of ‘acting’ or doing things.

These new ways of doing things feel good to me and it is quite liberating to find that they are also productive and that I have already reaped the benefits in my business.

I have felt that Larry has always been on my side and that he has believed in my potential to make things work and be successful ….

The whole coaching experience so far has helped me not to feel so easily overwhelmed because it has helped me to set – and here’s the key word – realistic goals that are achievable.

Susanne T Schroder

West Kirby, ENGLAND
Author & Child Educator


Longtime coaching client (Entrepreneur)

Working with Larry Anderson as my coach has been a great experience; his wisdom and knowledge has helped me stay focused on many of the goals I have developed in our sessions. His ethical standards and moral compass make him a great coach to help navigate tough decisions. Larry’s coaching program helps me move forward to grow my company and leads me to make sound decisions for my future. The coaching I have received from Larry not only helps me in making business decisions but also helps me in making personal life choice decisions. After my coaching sessions I leave our meetings having confidence that I am moving in the right direction with a clear vision in mind. I think anyone can benefit from having their own life coach who also has their best interest in mind, this is what Coach Larry has done for me and I greatly appreciate his time and knowledge!

Harry O. Pollard IV
Owner I Master Electrician

solar + electrical