Welcome to alongside, I am Larry C Anderson CPLC a Certified Professional Life Coach. I coach with individuals or groups in the areas of entrepreneurship, career path choices/adjustments, spiritual formation, and abrupt life situational changes.

Are you checking out this website because you are considering having a professional coach? Are you seeking help in starting up a new business or making a significant life change? Maybe it is finally time to pursue your lifelong dream to start your own business and eventually be your own employer, I would love to help you with that endeavor. To breakout of routine busyness to pursue your dream and take control, requires focus and intentionality. As a professional life coach I am capable of helping you discover a strategy to achieve your own destiny. Through active listening and insightful questions I’m able to help you achieve focus and direction.

Coaching doesn’t require us to meet face-to-face, here are several ways for us to coach at a distance see here…

If you are interested in my background you are able to check out my bio here Short bio…

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As a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) I follow ICF core competencies, ethics, and standards. Details here 

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