Thanks for visiting my website, I am Larry Anderson a professional life coach. I have been trained and certified through PCCI (Professional Christian Coaching Institute) as being a certified professional life coach, CPLC. There are lots of possibilities to find someone claiming to be a life coach, however, if you are looking for qualified professional help you will want to verify a coach’s credentials. http://certification

Primarily, people want a life coach to help transition from where they currently are too where they want to be. If you have a vision but not sure how to achieve it that is where coaching comes in. In coaching you are the vision caster and the agenda setter I come alongside and help you see how to access your own wisdom and ideas. We work on the gap between where you currently are and where you hope to be.

While I can and am willing to help in many areas of life, I love to help entrepreneurs. Whether you are a “would-be” entrepreneur or an actual business owner, I can help you establish a game plan for success and stay with you until you are well on your way to succeeding.

Other areas that you might like to have my coaching for, are career planning, career changing, or job advancement. Of course, I do coach around just everyday life difficulties or adversity that you would like help with to get through or resolve.

All coaching is done in the strictest of confidence, totally private. http://coaching-guidelines

I am a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) and adhere to their http://icf-code-of-ethics

Geographic location is not an obstacle to receive my coaching as it is done virtually, by phone or online. More…

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If you want to discuss in more depth email here and I will contact you (there will be no charge)