Two Heads are Better Than One


I’ve been asked what can a coach do for me that I can’t do on my own? I answer this way: I have learned over many years and lots of experiences, both bad and good experiences, that when I have tried to succeed by not humbling myself and asking for help it has taken a lot more time with lots of mishaps. A coach provides questions which in turn brings insight leading to wisdom. When everything seems cloudy and uncertain two heads are better than one.

Some of my biggest breakthroughs in life have come from a very qualified friend, or a professional in a specific field, allowing me to bounce things off from them. Coaching is actually a technical field which is implemented by a capable coach with artistic and creative flair. Because coaching is technical and requires appropriate training and skillset development, a client of a certified coach can feel safe when receiving coaching from a coach with an artistic ability to create. Coaching is by no means “seat of the pants” pseudo counseling or pop psychology but rather an empirically proven technique to help a person find a way forward where, many times, there seems to be no clear solution. It really doesn’t matter what topic we are considering, coaching brings considerable help leading to positive results.

Most professional coaches that I know offer a free trial coaching session to help familiarize a potential new client with the coaching technique, I also offer the same to any first time potential client. Would you like to checkout what a coaching session might feel like? Please contact me here…

Larry Anderson, ACC, CPLC

Author: coachlarrya

Professional Life Coach

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